Common Wiccan Beliefs, by Lady Bridget

Copyrighted by Lady Bridget 1998
Extracted and summarized from Common Wiccan Beliefs

  • An it Harm None, Do What Thou Wilt
  • Threefold Return and Karma
  • Responsibility for Your Own Actions
  • Reincarnation
  • Duality of Deity
  • All Gods Are One, All Goddesses Are One Also
  • Deity Is Immanent
  • All Lives Are Sacred
  • Reverence Should Be Balanced With Mirth
  • Honor The Sabats
  • Knowledge Is Power
  • Energy Follows Thought
  • A Witch’s Greatest Toll Is Observation

And The Thirteen Goals of A Witch

  • Know Yourself
  • Know Your Craft
  • Learn
  • Apply Knowledge With Wisdom
  • Achieve balance
  • Keep Your Words In Good Order
  • Keep Your Thoughts In Good Order
  • Celebrate Life
  • Attune With The Cycles of The Earth
  • Breathe and Eat Correctly
  • Exercise The Body
  • Meditate
  • Honor The God And Goddess

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