Adding non-VB modules to DNN

Problem: I had this error compiling my DotNetNuke 3.9 website – The file ‘x’ and ‘y’ use a different language, which is not allowed since they need to be compiled together.

Solution: Here are instructions on how to add modules in non-VB languages to a DotNetNuke website, from the LinqThings4Sale tutorial

1. In the web.config file, add the line

<add directoryName="yourDirectoryName" /> to the section <codeSubDirectories>.

For example, the section in my web.config file looks like this

<!– register your app_code subfolders to generate granular assemblies during compilation –>
        <add directoryName="LinqThings4Sale"/>
        <add directoryName="Template"/>
        <add directoryName="KLIMS"/>
        <add directoryName="CommonEntities"/>
        <add directoryName="Employment"/>

2. Then, refresh your App_Code folder. The folders added to the above section should now have changed folder icons to reflect that they are special folders.

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