Checklist On Initiating A New DotNetNuke Module Project

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What do you do when you have a request for a new DNN module? These are my recommended first actions to take:

  1. Get your basic DNN website running
  2. Make sure your DotNetNuke Visual Studio solution can compile correctly
  3. Create the Visual Studio directory framework for your new module
  4. Right-click on your Website directory and choose new DotNetNuke Dynamic Module
  5. Rename your App_Code and Desktop_Modules subdirectories
  6. More here (a pretty good tutorial for creating modules in C#)
  7. Create a basic test stub in your module. I recommend assessing a shared TEST table with some data in your DotNetNuke database. This forces you to
  8. Create a Data Access test stub
  9. Create a User Interface test stub
  10. Define the new module on your DotNetNuke Host/Module definitions page
  11. Run your test stubs in a page on your site

My recommendation is not to delay taking these steps even if you are busy. You are only ready to code when you have completed these steps properly. From my experience, when I delay taking these steps and the time to start coding creeps up on me, I find that sometimes I am taken by surprise that some of these things for the new modules do NOT work. Common problems, for some ghostly reason or another, are

  1. The database tables mismatch against the ones in the Data Access codes
  2. The DotNetNuke solution cannot be compiled (even though it used to be all okay!)
  3. The new module cannot be placed on a page

And then I wish I had taken these assurances well in time.



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