The Meaning of Reiki

Conventionally, the meaning of Reiki is often translated as Universal (‘Rei’) Energy (‘Ki’). Wikipedia provides a number of explanations on how various (albeit vaguely similar) meanings of the word was derived. Possibly due to the more pictorial nature of Chinese and Japanese words, in translating the term, the Wikipedia article also makes reference to ‘beautiful mountains’ and ‘spiritual influence of mountains’.

James Deacon’s Reki Pages provide a fuller coverage of the subject.

However, here are a couple of novel and interesting meanings from recent posts to the Reiki_on group at Yahoogroups:

“Reiki is a connection to our Primordial Consciousness”

“The term Reiki refers to the meeting of heaven and earth at the point of conception, and the purity and great potential in that moment.”

My first attunement to Reiki was via long distance. I was staying in a cheap hotel on a mountain and that night I communicated with a Reiki Master from the other half of the world through the Internet. When he agreed to perform the long distance attunement (for free), I rushed back to the hotel to prepare for it. In photographs of the hotel room taken that night, many orbs were observed.

Very early the next day, I went up to the foot of the highest peak on the mountain. The mist was lifting from the mountain peak, and as I watched the cloud of mist rising into the sky, I thought to myself, “at this moment, this is where The Earth meets The Sky.”

How coincidential then, now 5 years forward into the future, for me to learn that, amongst others, Reiki refers to the meeting point between The Heaven and The Earth. The beauty of the moment remains etched in my mind, and amongst other highlights of my life, it was one precious moment I was happy to have lived through.

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