A Strange Dream


The Children

I had a strange dream last week. In my dream, I was watching a movie. The movie was about 2 little children starting out in school, one girl and one boy.

The school has a routine. Every morning, before the classes start, the school holds a public assembly where all the school children are gathered in the schoolyard to listen to speeches given by the teachers.

Skipping School

The girl and the boy somehow find a way to slip out of school during the assembly. They would rush through the hall and out through the gates and play outside school. When the assembly is about to end, they would slip in again, skipping and laughing through the hall, holding hands, and rejoin their classes.

Growing Old

In the movie in my dream, they do this day after day. And as they grow bigger and older, the bond and the love between them evidently grows stronger.

The movie showed them running through the same as they grow, then it fast forwarded into the future with a blurry streak.

The Epilogue

Finally, there is an epilogue to the movie. While I watched the start of the epilogue, I anticipated that something tragic will happen. One of them will die, and the other one will be left alone pining for the other. I was wrong.

In the epilogue, the boy had grown into an old man with a bushful head of grey hair and sporting a bushy moustache, looking very much like Einstein. The girl is an old woman, her grey hair tied into a knot behind her head. They had been playing outside during the school assembly, and now they are rushing in past the school gates hand in hand, through the school hall, full of laughter and joy.


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