Dreaming Elephant


Picture of albino elephant thanks to Bassil Stuart 


Yesterday, while it was pouring hard outside, I slept and had a strange dream of looking for a place to pray – a mosque. It was dusk, getting darker. I climbed hills, crossed broad, busy highways at complex inter-changes, jumping at opportunities between heavy traffic to make my way. Cars drove upon the pedestrian path, forcing me to step aside for safety. After the last hill, I came upon a building that blocked the way. Had to climb over it to get to the other side. After the first floor, there were no more stairs, only slits on a slippery wall to grasp by. I searched for a less treacherous route and found a staircase at the other end. Used the staircase to climb to the top floor and then, from there, climbed down again. I was then on the other side of the building. A crowd on the ground was also going to the same place. People of every kind walked along a corridor, the last part of the journey before our destination. We passed by a temple. People there were starting to say their prayers too, and from there I saw someone leading an albino elephant towards me.

Today, it was pouring again at about the same time. I slept and dreamt that a popular singer had died suddenly, at a young age.


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