Curing My Son Of A persistent Cough

"We had to try a lot of things from mainstream medicine with advice from several medical specialists to traditional medicine. "

How I did it: Keep on trying, put in the time and effort, be open to possibilities while being cautious about trying things that are new to us. We were proactive all the way, kept on seeking second opinions and were not afraid to declare that something which did not work, did not work.

Lessons & tips: In the end, it was a very much unknown herbal therapy that solved the problem for us, which was sold to me by a peddler I met on the streets. It cost less than a visit to a General Practitioner, much less than a visit to a pediatrician. But it was the one that worked for us.

Resources: Luck. – However, luck, as they say in photography, is only beneficial to those who are prepared to receive them.If I were not on the constant lookout for a solution, I would have missed the peddler who sold me the herbs.

It took me 60 days.

It made me Extremely happy


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