Commenting on – What’s Your Body Trying To Tell You

This is a comment to this original post about intuition and listening to our inner self. I am posting the comment here because it provides more details to the previous post.


My son had this persistent cough for more than 2 months. We met all the pediatricians, tried all the exotic brew of antibiotics, expectorants, anti-histamines, inhalers, did an x-ray but they were not able to get rid of the cough.

One night, as I was driving back from work, I felt a subtle urge to make a U-turn and have a drink at a particular place. It was half an hour to midnight, but I was in the mood to follow the urge.

The place had an open air area where I sat. As I sat there, a peddler came up to me and showed me some wooden roots, plus a few other things. I listened to his sales pitch. He told me that the root is a treatment for asthma.

Again, I felt a subtle persuasion to give him the benefit of doubt. I asked him the price, but I bargained for something one-fourth of the price that he asked. I expected him to negotiate upwards, but instead he immediately agreed, saying that he has a creed to sell his wares at whatever the asking price may be, as long as the buyer is genuine.

The roots are supposed to be steeped in hot water, which is to be drank. After one drink, my son’s cough was reduced to a few occasional instances. After a few days, it was gone.

I work in a technical a capacity, and deal with a lot of technicalities. Little room for unsubstantiated or unexplainable beliefs there. Yet I believe in what you wrote in your article.

I believe that we have known only a tiny bit of what there is to be known, and the tools at our disposal – namely logic and observations – barely scratch the surface. A few hundred years ago, radio would have been called sorcery, yet we take it for granted now, thanks to newfound knowledge.

I believe that there is a dynamic interaction between ourselves, the Earth, and the Universe, and possibly things beyond the Universe in ways that we do not have the tools to examine or develop an understanding of. It is like the nature of sleep – we do not comprehend it fully, yet we do it everyday.

That you for article. It is good to receive an occasional affirmation from others every now and then that these beliefs are true.”


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