Abu Scores In Exam

Abu scores 9As + 1B in his recent exam. We are all proud of him and pray for his continued success.

I was away having lunch with a client when the news was broken by Abu through phone. Then as I had lunch, a woman and her child, who was just as old and reminded me of Rhiana, came to our table for alms. In return, she offered a choice of gifts to me, one of which was a green Quran (this had never happened before). I took the Quran and we gave it to Abu as a gift and something to remember by.

Later, we celebrated Abu’s success at a chinese muslim food outlet. During dinner (and again, this had never happened before) a man came out of nowhere and offered to sell the last of his lottery tickets. Gambling is prohibited to us, but then there is a flip side to the coin. Typically, only those who desperately need it would resort to selling lottery tickets. Here was a man whose family’s dinner may depend on us. We bought the five or six he had left, and I thought that this would be an example for the children to read the subtle in religion. At the end of the day, perhaps all that matters is Mercy. The man instructed us to scratch some panels on the tickets by which we won another three free tickets. The kids did the scratching and were elated. In our elation, we did not notice the man who disappeared as suddenly as he came.



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