Javanese Literature

Very little is known about old Javanese literature and their contribution to the development of the oriental society. However, here is an interesting website that dwells in depth on some translated Javanese literature. For example, the following appears to be a Javanese contribution to the development of new beliefs in Buddhism.

Quote – “At this point the pupil asks the question: Divarupa is called the embodiment of Buddha, how then can other panditas consider the Ratnatraya and the five Tathagata’s to be the embodiment of Buddha? This point is explained in a very remarkable way. Out of the body of the white-coloured Sakyamuni who assumes the dhvaja-mudra, appears from the right side the red Lokecvara in dhyana-mudra; from the left the blue Vajrapani in bhuhsparca-mudra. Three-in-one they form the Ratnatraya and the two last become respectively Dharma and Sarigha.”

More here from an interesting text from the age of Borobodur


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