A Voice In A Dream

Had a strange dream yesterday. In the dream, a voice was saying that a particular type of beings called the Al-Fatiqs or Al-Fatihs will attach themselves and assist those who are patient. The voice also said that the Al-Fatiqs are commonly mistaken for a characteristic of a patient person, but they are actually beings who attach to them.

Had another strange dream today. I was travelling in a bus full of strangers and we were heading uphill. A group of fellow passengers then approached me with help, which the leader of the group – a small, smart and a man of not many words who just gets straight to the point – provided.

These dreams are strange as patience is hardly an important, everyday word in my vocabulary.

Searching for the terms Al-Fatiqs and Al-Fatihs came up with some surprisingly familiar contexts – http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=al-fateh+al-fatiq


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