It took me 5 years to become a Reiki Master

I stumbled across some fliers on Reiki way back a long, long time ago, but I dismissed it, thinking that it’s a very expensive way of getting some fluffy, intangible stuff. Then, after many years, someone opened a Reiki Center at a place I regularly go to, yet I still ignored it.

One day, without any pre-conceived plan, I went up a mountain to meditate. At night on the mountain, I went to a small town where there was a cybercafe and found someone over the internet to attune me to Reiki over distance.

When I came down from the mountain, I popped over to the Reiki Center to get a one-to-one attunement. The Master looked at me in disbelief and asked me a few penetrating questions about Reiki before he was convinced to open up the iron grill and let me in.

The first night after the attunement, I felt tinglings in my finger tips in the small hours of morning. With some practice, I found that I can let others feel this sensation from my fingers without touching them too.

After several months of practice, the Master allowed me to take the 2nd Step attunement. He also thought me the symbols although I’ve read about them on the Internet. There is a big, practical difference between reading about them on the Net and taking them from a Master. The personal touch is very important.

I was allowed to take a Provisional Master attunement after a couple of years. During this time, I would go and meditate with the Master in ridiculous places, but he was still not convinced enough to allow me to become a Full Master.

It was only after many requests and 5 years that the Master was fully convinced that I am appropriate to go for the Full Master. He also passed me the Master Symbol at the event. A Reiki Master can attune others to Reiki until they become Masters in their own rights, and my Master wasn’t going to pass on this ability to those who would use them blatantly or for commercial purposes.

For those who are pursuing the same path, I strongly encourage them to persevere and keep their spirits up. Practice the precepts of Reiki and be mindful about them. Study the tenets of your religion or Beliefs, or Buddhism, and try to live them – the Spiritual part. You know what they say about the difference between Religion and Spirituality. It is through this that one’s closeness to the Reiki is developed. Oh, and practice regularly.


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