Halcyon Days

Halcyon 019

But as life wanes, and all the turbulent passions calm,
As gorgeous, vapory, silent hues cover the evening sky,
As softness, fulness, rest, suffuse the frame, like freshier, balmier air,
As the days take on a mellower light, and the apple at last hangs
really finish’d and indolent-ripe on the tree,
Then for the teeming quietest, happiest days of all!
The brooding and blissful halcyon days!

Walt Whitman, Halcyon Days

Halcyon 020 Halcyon 018 Halcyon 017 Halcyon 016 Halcyon 015 Halcyon 014 Halcyon 013 Halcyon 012 Halcyon 011 Halcyon 010 Halcyon 009 Halcyon 008 Halcyon 007 Halcyon 006 Halcyon 005 Halcyon 004 Halcyon 003 Halcyon 002 Halcyon 001

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