What Do Compassion Kids Eat?

This photo essay highlights some of the foods that Compassion-assisted kids and their families enjoy. You won’t find any pizza or chicken fingers here!?


An Indonesian mother and child walk along a muddy street

A survey conducted in Niger in 2002 by the Office of the Prime Minister asked the poor of that country to describe poverty. Their answers provided the following:

  • Dependence, always having to seek out others or to work for somebody else
  • Marginalization, a poor person who is alone, has no support, doesn’t feel involved in anything, or is “never consulted”
  • Scarcity, having nothing to eat, lacking the means to meet clothing and financial needs, having nothing to sell
  • Restricted rights and freedoms
  • Incapacity, the incapacity to make decision, to feed or clothe oneself, or to act on one’s own initiative.

Source: What Do Compassion Kids Eat?


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