Reading 1 – 30 May 2016

The Celtic Cross read by TarotWizard




Tarot Interpretation By The Tarot Wizard

 Reading 1A


1. 4s
2. 5s
3. 4c
4. 7c
6. 8s
8. 7s
9. 9s
10. Ac
[The HIDDEN position, I find by turning the deck over to see the bottom card. I see this position as representing an element in your life that is either coming into your life or living it or It  can also represent something that’s hidden from you.]

recovering from Deep losses.

I see this first spread as the “where you are now, and a little of how you got there…
Illusion of some kind is indicated…
You have completed one cycle,
Things and situations were cleared away, in order to make room, for the next adventure.



SPREAD= TEN card Celtic Cross

The four Swords I see as you needing to rest up some, and reevaluate your life at this time, from every intellectual angle.
The five swords in the crossing position speaks to learning some lessons from:
your passedexperiences.
The seven cups immediately behind you, in the position of recent past, is about many choices, and only some of them being correct.
In your past it appears,  you may have made some wrong choices along the way somewhere.
The four cups is the foundation of this reading, it points you in the direction of reevaluation from the other aspect: reevaluation from your heart.
If the four Swords is telling you to take some rest and take a look at your life from an intellectual point of view, then, the four cups is telling you to include the feeling( heart chakra) element in part of your mental calculations.
The world card above you lets me know that mentally you’re prepared to move on, to a new adventure.
As I mentioned above, certain Cycles have been completed within your life and new Cycles are ready to begin.
You are ready mentally, but you must prepare yourself spiritually and psychologically for the adventures to come.
The hierophant in the 7th position is reminding you to also reevaluate your relationship to tradition in all of its forms: family traditions, spiritual Traditions, business Traditions, educational Traditions, Etc.
The seven wands, in the environment position speaks to issues of you perhaps teaching or mentoring others, your family, yes but also others outside of your family.
It also is there to remind you that you are positioning yourself, and the Universe is positioning you to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.
The nine swords in the hopes and fears or gift from the universe position is there to remind you to avoid illusions, especially those Illusions brought about through the mental thought patterns, or intellectual rounds of Life.
The Ace of cups, refers to new relationships, these can be business Partnerships, they can also be friendships, they can also relate to new chapters in the relationships that you already have…
The HANGED MAN in the hidden position,  makes me think that you have some necessary voluntary sacrifices to make, to move forward from this point.
Some of the sacrifices should lead to some forms of Enlightenment on some subjects, and it suggests that there is a period of school or training for you in the future.
Some of those necessary but voluntary sacrifices may be of your time, some may be of money, and some may be emotional sacrifices.

4s= four days starting day of reading.
5s= five days starting day of reading.
4c= four months starting two days before the reading.
7c= seven months starting day before the reading.
8s= eight days starting day after reading.
7s= seven days starting two days after reading.
9s= Nine days starting two days after reading.
Ac= one calendar month starting two days after the reading.
It can also refer to Summer.

NOTE:You must connect your own timing dots,
I have shown you the timing dots, above,
You must work on applying them to your life, by relating them to the events in your life.
{this will help you learn about the timing elament of the language of the Tarot as well}


EARTH 0% you can read as what keeps you focused in physical reality.

AIR 50% these are the intellectual, educational, and learning issues… such that, if you can think your way out of a wet paper bag using an imaginary sword that an old man with a pointy hat and beard gave you, you should have no problem at all solving them.

FIRE 0% relates to creativity, what you’re passionate about,  and retail business.

WATER 30% relates to your psychic and emotional side.

SPIRIT 20% is that non physical part of you your spiritual side, which is not related to religion.
This is the percentage of your life, that currently is completely beyond your control, the good news is, that the “ANGELS” are comping that percentage to you. The catch is of course, that you will not have to pedal, during that percentage of the time, however you must figure out which times you must pedal like a bat out of hell, to make up for when the angels are not carrying you on their wings.

Statistical breakdown of Arctypacal elements:

AIR 50%

This represents the percentage of the time, that you will not have to pedal because, other folks are doing it for you, humans in this case.
By adding the SPIRIT and the HELP FROM OTHERS you can find out what percentage of the time you’ll be getting some kind of help from others, and what percentage of the time you’ll have to pedal like a bat out of hell is chasing you, By YoursELF.

(please note that this percentage can add up to more than 100%, as, the court cards count twice, once as their archetypical element, and once as the percentage of people that are there to help you, as well as for you to help.)

Interpretation of statistical breakdown:
It is said somewhere, “One should lead with one’s strengths”.
With Air being at 50% and water being at 30% we can draw the conclusion:
You’ll have to think your way out of this one.
But,you should also use your heart… so feeling your way is indicated, for some of your issues. You can also learn something from What’s missing: help from others is missing in this first reading.
Also the element Earth, is missing, so… one bit of advice may be to help yourself to get better grounded. Going Barefoot in the garden would help ground you. As would, sitting with your back up against a tree.
Doing both at the same time would have wonderful benefits… if you add some creative visualization: imagining yourself flowing with the energy of the universe. Meditation of some kind is also indicated.
Also you could imagine yourself with mirror-like shielding around you in your aura this would help mentally protect you from any negative influences from anyone who would be wanting to cause you or yours any harm.
Fire is also missing from this first spread. I take this to mean that your energy is somewhat low at this time. Recharging resting reevaluating and reconnecting with the Earth, and your own higher self or connection with your own inner spirit, should help you regain your creative energy back.


Reading suggestion:
The next book that you hear about from three different sources… read that book.

The next METAPHYSICAL, [Not spritual,  or religious], Book You come across… read that book….
If you have any questions about this specific reading, please text, or email me anytime….

NOTE: The next reading will be sent you first, in video format for you to look at and be dreaming on.
It is a much larger spread which encompasses this spread + surrounding influences of the past and the future.
After that spread, I will write it up in a slightly different format, and email that to you as well.
Then we shift gears and look only to the Future, at that point, I will throw a brand-new 10 card Celtic cross spread, asking the question: “where do I go from here”?
This will be on financial matters primarily. Then I propose to throw another ten card Celtic cross spread devoted specifically to your family. This is as far as I have thought into the future so far.


Reading 1B


1. how did I get where I’m at?

2. How do I start to prepare for the next adventures in my life?

1. It appears that the downfall of your last business ventures was brought about in part from random acts of Fortune;
Supplemented by a sudden surprise event, related to some partnership that you had.
Deception, including deception about possible drug abuse, or alcoholism, may have played some part with your partners or coworkers or possibly some of your minions.
There may have been some issues with some self-imposed limitations.

Eventually, after some time in decline, worries about money, some choices, you made,and/or health issues, or all, may have contributed to financial difficulties…

2. Moving forward will require preparation, sacrifice, and some delay.
The skills you have developed,in the past, will stand you in good Stead, combined with new skills you aquire.
Some of the Preparations indicated seem to be: you returning to school as a non-traditional student, or Reading more, learning a variety of subjects, some of them related to a main focus, and, some of them completely by themselves in content.
Consultation with the “Kings” and “Queens” in your life, those who are older than you are… from almost all of the Aretypical astrological Sun signs, will be required.
There’s a particular intersection where Secrets may be found; that intersection, or consultation, will be with the King of cups in your life, and the Queen of Wands and at that point Secrets may be forthcoming, perhaps business secrets, that will help you proceed.
After several months, and possibly a little over a year of preparation, including education retraining— opportunities at acquiring wealth including possibly gold and/or land may appear.
Continued generosity is emphasized, and money savings,
The savings could be in the form of an investment, for part of your money, and it is indicated that some money should be kept away safe, in a separate account or hiding place.
Acclaim is indicated for your past works, constantly upgrading your skill set, is also an important part of the total picture.
When you are ready for it, the Universe will provide a new venture or Adventure, it may require some more sacrifice, (boath: nessacery and willing sacrifices).
Certainly it will require: your focused mental will power,  in conjunction with your own Inner Strength.
The path ahead I see from this reading is not easy… is not quick, but requires much learning, polishing of skills, accepting what is at any given moment.
As well as keeping your eye out for the opportunities as they appear…
Also keeping an eye out for objectivity… especially as regards past traditions, and future traditions.
Objectivity and keeping yourself separate from those issues in your life which caused trouble in the past is showing up as a requisite for moving forward.
Keep your eye out in the future for sudden flashes of insight, from your own “Higher self”, be prepared to learn from them, record what you’ve learned, and be prepared to use those insights in a creative way. Expect to be in consultation with new partners, and minions, including those who will be called to help you, but also those who you will be called to help.
Mentor in the future.


SPREAD= Custom (created for you)

Because of the nature of this custom spread, timing comments for the original 10 card reading still hold true.
The timing elements in the expanded spread must be determined by you – the querent,
As you will be up to date with the minutiae of your own life.

Here is how you figure out timing elements: anything left of the center line refers to the Past anything to the right of the center line refers to the Future.
Exclude all of the original 10 cards because they’ve been covered as far as time is concerned that should remain valid.
Then the other timing elements can be figured this way:
Earth or Pentacles refers to YEARS,
The more Pentacles on a pip card the more years. air for  DAYS, and is indicated by the cards of swords: each sword on a pip card refers to one day.
Fire or wands refers to WEEKS, one week for each wand,  on each wand pip card.
Water or Cups = Months, one month for each Cup, on each pip card.
There are other timing elements for instance: the Moon is exactly 28 1/2 days.
ACES divide, the year into the four traditional Seasons Spring=air, Swards, etc…
This should be enough timing elements but, each one of the 22 major Arcana cards also refers to one of the Pathways in the Kabbalah. 12 of the 22 major Arcana cards refer to astrological timing or the signs of the zodiac. this can be looked up in any good book on TAROT.
If you have trouble with this bit,
I can look that up for you.
Some research on your part will just tie the reading together better for you it comes Under The Heading of working in harmony with your prayers. And also it comes Under The Heading of being a lifelong learner. Both of these things I see in your cards.

NOTE:You must connect your own timing dots,
I have shown you the timing dots, above,
You must work on applying them to

In general you will have to assign a particular individual to the court cards provided in this reading.
By identifying a particular person associated with each Court card, you will help to focus the story so that you can figure some of the reading out for yourself.
Part of this is for your own privacy. Part of this is because the court cards can stand for an event, one particular individual, a group of like-minded individuals, and an aspect of your own psychological and subconscious makeup.
To help you do this, the court cards are all assigned astrological Sun Signs, such that, any Court cards with the designation Pentacle would more than likely be someone who is a Taurus,  Virgo or Capricorn any one Court card, with a sword, would stand for in part, an individual who is one of the three AIR signs,  that is: a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius.
Any Court cards with a wand, would represent someone who is one of the three fire signs, astrologicaly  that is: an Aries, a Leo or Sagittarius.
Any Court cards with a cup would represent an individual who was one of the three water signs astrologicaly, that would be a: PISCES CANCER or SCORPIO. You may be moved to think that a certain Court card is an event,or is also an event, if so, that is fine.
You may also recognize some of your own attitudes in some of the Court cards, this is also a very good thing.
It will help you snap the whole picture in to place, and your own mind, and that is the only place where the whole picture can coalesce.
Remember also, that Court cards can stand for a type or group of people.
The water signs would be more emotional and psychic.
The air signs would be more logical in their thinking give good advice and be more intellectual.
The FIRE signs would be,  more creative and/or perhaps more business-minded.
The EARTH Signs: TAURUS VIRGO or, CAPRICORN  would be possibly slower to think, but better planners, they would be the ones to trust with the money; they would be the ones who probably will not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.
Some of them may be landowners some of them may be business owners.
Look for any lawyers you want  amongst the air signs.
Look for money handlers amongst the Pentacles  Earth signs.
Look for the creative artists  amongst the FIRE signs, this is also where you will find innovative business Folk.
The WATER signs are the emotional and psychic ones, these are the ones, that can be here, emotionally, form, attachments,  and a window with a view into ethics.
I have not assigned identities to any of these Court cards, I believe I have given you enough information for you to assign identities to them yourself.
The ones you asign will be more valid because, “it’s tell a story about your pictures”, not “tell a story about my pictures”.
Ideally the whole process is most synergistic, when you have a reader that has at least some psychic ability, some experience, and the ability to direct the querent to look deep within themselves, to assign multiple meanings both to the court cards, and to the events as described.
Timing of course is the slipperiest fish… this is because within the morphogenic field, every time anyone makes a small decision, it changes everything… that little bit. There is a saying that you cannot touch a leaf without disturbing a star….

LOCATION as expressed as: ONE QUARTER of the sphear of the EARTH:

{The location element, represents an area of the planet from which, you may be receiving information, and/or  visitors from, or an area where you may travel, or do business…}

For future reference:
Where the the four pages point:
☆Pp= Europe-Africa
☆Pc= Pacific Ocean
What the pages are saying in part is that you can be doing business all over the world. Receiving information from three-quarters of the planet, and possibly traveling to most of it. The one section that is missing is Asia.(Pw)


Read through the information contained herein, a few times…
It is provided for you to meditate on,
And review, to make sure you have covered all aspects, important for you consider before moving on…

Note: the unconscious switching of seven cups with  seven swards,
On my part, I see as the meanings being combined to provide more information for you..


If you like this method of reading and want one for yourself, you can contact the Tarot Wizard here.


Tarot Interpretation By Myself


PRESENT (MIDDLE) – Taking a break to think things through, looking back at what had happened, taking stock of the present and contemplating future moves (4 Swords)


PROBLEM (MIDDLE CROSSED) – The enemy (yes, there were/are enemies) had been defeated and their weapons have been confiscated, disabling their further aggression (5 Swords)


STATE OF MIND (BOTTOM) – Taking time off for reflection while having modest means to survive (4 cups), contemplating the conditions of the sea and the journey ahead (3 Wands) while exploring potential partnerships with like minded friends (3 Cups) and hoping for the motherly nature of divine providence (Queen Pentacle, Queen Wand, High Priestess) – this card ties in with the Present position


OBJECTIVE (TOP) – Moving on to the global stage (World), tackling global problems (6 Pentacles) and meeting global opportunities emerging from a grim situation holding onto hope (5 Pentacles) under a watchful divine provision (Sun) aiming to ultimately take command of the situation (King Sword)


PAST (LEFT) – Plenty of opportunities (7 Cups) but naive decisions made in the past due to youth (7 Swords). Stemming from a decision for an early marriage (2 Cups) life revolved around the family and past hard work (8 Pentacles) was motivated by only one major objective that is to provide a good future for all the children Pages all Suites). But one’s fortunes was unknown at the time which turned(Wheel) and was to be influenced by diabolical business partners (Devil). This lead to a destruction of one’s living foundations (Tower).


FUTURE (RIGHT) – Unable to see any future, bound by constraints and limitations (8 Swords) but setting out on the basis/foundation of existing skills, experience and technologies (3 Pentacles) to move decisively (Ace Swords) and swiftly (8 Wands) even somehat ruthlessly (3 Swords) once the directions and means have been established to create new beginnings (Ace Pentacles) and higher level of enlightenment (King Cups, bridging Ace Pentacle of worldy foundations and High Priestess connection to the Divine), may also mean bringing closure to the grief (again 3 Swords)


SELF (COLUMN BOTTOM) – Trying to fulfill children’s Earthly needs according to Heavenly trust, carrying out God given duties on Earth (Hierophant/Pope)


EXTERNAL/OTHERS (COLUMN MID BOTTOM) – They view oneself as a mentor with skills/knowledge that they need or in so far as the enemies are concerned they are in positions of disadvantage (7 Wands)


FEARS (COLUMN MID TOP) – Despite not being able to see the way ahead, the fears are illusory (9 Swords), because


OUTCOME (COLUMN TOP) – God is with oneself (Ace Cups), have faith (Fool) and strength (Strength) and to be cautiuos against the possibility of a greedy hoarder of wealth (4 Pentacles).


Comparative Feedback On Intepretations Of Readings By Tarot Wizard vs Mine


I think we may be more than 85% in agreement at this point. I believe you’ve done a brilliant job of braiding the story I told, with the story in your own head as it happened.

This is one of the beauties the projective psychology aspect of the language of the Tarot…


Shortly I will be sending you the summary of what I wrote on the subject of the combined readings.


This next write up is  meant for you as a mental checklist to make sure you’ve gone over everything you need to go over before you move forward in your thinking. After reading your input, I believe you do.

One of those valuable aspects of card reading is that one can compare one’s point of view with that of another using the standard character set contained within the photographs or pictures.

In order to gain the most accurate vision of what happened in the past by combining your take on the reading and my take on the reading so you will have a much clearer idea also, of how accurate I am…

One of the aspects affecting accuracy is objectivity, as we get to know each other better, there will be a working or changing of our relative points of view regarding the language found in the cards.

This is to be expected, but I wanted to make sure that you understood why I try to keep a distance and not read too much up on you. The feedback that you have provided has allowed me to focus in… and I believe this whole process will help us both. Moving forward the next two spreads, will constitute page 2 they will be 2 spreads, the first one smaller then the second.

With respect, John

If you like this method of reading and want one for yourself, you can contact the Tarot Wizard here.


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