Reading 2 – Business 8 June 2016


Tarot Wizard’s Interpretation

1 . STAR
2. Qs
3. Unused
4. Unused
5. 7c
7. Aw
8. Ks
10. KnW

[The HIDDEN position, I find by turning the deck over, to see the bottom card.
I see this position as representing an element in your life that is either coming into your life, or living it, or boath, at different times. It  can also represent something that’s hidden from you.]

QUESTION: where should I look for some new business ideas? And who should I consult?

The Star Card tells me that you are on the correct path… it makes a good check digit, for the overall reading, it is an extremely good omen that your wishes, if you work hard enough at them, may be fulfilled.
It also indicates the consultation with an Astrologer….
The cards present three choices for astrologer: a fire sign that is about your age, a fire sign a little bit older than you are, or an air sign quite a bit older than you are.
There is also the possibility of a water sign a little bit older than you are, and this one, may be the one with the most psychic ability.
The water sign is probably someone who you have never met. The Fire sign, is a little older than you are, maybe an astrologer that you are already acquainted with. Having an astrologer consult with you at this time, is indicated in my reading of the cards, and this astrologer, may give you additional information, that you put together with the readings that I’m doing for you, in order to get a better picture in your mind that you can use to move forward.
Because of the removal of the two past cards the EMPRESS card moves gravitationally towards the center of the reading, she represents MOTHER NATURE, In all of its forms, she represents the next step forward for you in business.
As I said in the video, I can relate it to a gardening related business, including anything from: SEEDS to HARVEST anything from HAND TOOLS  to tractors, anything that would be working in harmony with Mother Nature. In other words: nothing involving nasty chemicals. Mother nature would work more in harmony with you if you avoid GMOs and nasty chemicals. Anything that fits into the category of helping the Earth and helping everyone on it, could generate ideas for moving forward in business.
This is what I see in your cards….
We’ve covered all of the Court cards but I want to say something more about that Knight in Shining Aura of Fire, as the outcome card.
As a person it could represent a fiery Young new recruit that you hire… someone who is extremely artistic and has a sharp mind for business.
But, as an event, it probably refers to the beginning of a new business, the feeling I’m getting is: that you will be inventing something, or you will be combining or re-combining elements, or tools, or something… off the shelf, in order to come up with something completely new, something novel.
Don’t forget to visit the King of Swords, your lawyer, to make sure that all patent issues, and business documentation Licensing in paperwork are covered thoroughly.

As I mentioned in the video, the HANGED MAN   usually refers to a delay or suspension, or a necessary and willing sacrifice, in order to gain some Enlightenment. this can be Enlightenment in the form of inspiration, whatever you invent – as a business… product or service, will be truly inspired!
I see that in more than one sign and indication omen in this reading.
What I’d like you to do moving forward is: to begin to write a business plan….
The King of Swords is sometimes also a writer, but you’ll have to get the ball rolling.
Perhaps you have a way of brainstorming or dreaming up new ideas.
Now would be a good time to do that.
I see us moving into different directions now, with this series of readings,
I believe things will pick up speed soon.
Once you have generated a few ideas revolving around the EMPRESS card,  having to do with a nature-based business, then I would like to sort through the ideas you have.
Let’s say that you come up with Three,  rough ideas, that you would like to bring into reality, that will help the Earth and the people and the animals that live on it.
Then, we would throw a spread that would indicate to you, which one of the three or four options, that you have in front of you that you should put most of your energy in.
I think it best to have a plan B and C as well. we can cover all those with fairly short readings similar to the one that you see that I have customized, here.
You may hear my story and read this right up, and then watch the video, and come up with entirely different ideas, this is fine, the Tarot  is best for confirming hunches,  but it is also very good for values clarification, as well as brainstorming, a color or shape in the cards may suggest a certain juxtaposition which leads to a new idea that you can Market….


SPREAD=  custom  Modified Celtic Cross… focusing on the future only…

TIMING: the only timing  elements, I am getting in this reading are: one week starting day after tomorrow. This I take to mean that you should be starting on the process of generating ideas for your next business move sometime during that week, it may take quite a while to do so.
As you say, we must not hurry, we must not rush.
You may be working on this reading and generating ideas for some time even after we have moved on to the reading about your family and children. (multi-tasking every parent must multitask)…
The seven months. Is the least accurate;
Because it appears in the above you position.
But, we can still take it to mean approximately seven months period of incubation for new business ideas inventions we combinations of off-the-shelf items and ideas excetera. The cards indicate that those ideas will come directly from you, I can point the way the empress is the main clue something environmentally friendly. This can lead to ideas of LOHAS,
This is a sign that shows up in Europe when it is environmentally friendly businesses. Ideas such as forming A “B” Corporation, making sure that any product or service that you produce is both environmentally friendly and user-friendly, avoidance of any dangerous things to the environment and labeling thereof,
Exedra is what I’m getting from the reading but the specifics must come from you this is what I see in the cards. Any product products or services that you come up with will be your brain children. I’m getting this partially from the seven cups above you.



These are the arc typical elements that you will look to for ideas concerning your new business opportunities. These elements are all fluid elements the element missing Earth is solid and not as fluid usually.
We can take this to mean that flexibility on your part, is indicated, moving forward.
We learned a lot from what does not show up in a reading…. the element Earth is not present.
For this read:  it will be important for you to stay grounded.
Bathing in a natural setting, as in a hot springs, going Barefoot in the woods, getting your back up against a tree, to run energy with it, are all ways that can help you stay grounded.

HELP FROM OTHERS: there are four Court cards… that is a high percentage in this 9 card reading. This means: you will have to delegate quite a bit of the actual Hands-On work to your minions or employees, perhaps your family, will get involved.
Family businesses can be a source of joy for everyone if handled correctly…

ASTRAL PROJECTION, and ASTROLOGY, are all indicated in this reading.
Take inspiration from a walk about in the woods, or a camping trip.
A picnic with your family, and mother nature, is indicated in the cards. In short, anything that can get you connected better to the Earth and the natural reality around us… sometimes in business, we get locked up in a building, and do not see Mother Nature at all except the occasional plant and those sometimes are made of plastic, sometimes toxic plastic…

I feel confident that we are moving ahead at a Brisk Pace now, you have much work to do… I will  now take a break from these readings for a few days, once I have sent this reading off to you.
It will help me to refresh, and refocus so that, I can work on the reading for You  with your family, and children,
Submitted with much respect,
Many bright blessings!

My Interpretation

Current (Star) – again, good beginnings

Barrier (Queen Wands) – temperamental, narcissistic feminine person)

Ultimate future (7 Cups) – diversified productive ventures

Immediate future (Emperess) – mother. My mother possibly came from a royal or near royal lineage, and she has been holding several commanding positions during her career. She recently told me that she wants to start a business partnership with me. I intend to make the business the ultimate holder of all key knowledge areas that I hold, toying with the idea of naming it after Hermes.


Self (Ace Wands) – originator of knowledge and innovations, as you said

External (King Swords) – the one who can execute it and make manifest (eg knowledge into applications)

Barrier (Hanged Man) – delays

Outcome (Knight Wands) – moving ahead on knowledge or technology-based ventures


Hidden Influences (Queen Cups) – again I suspect this refers to mother, unless something new turns up but none so far


Noted no hierophants here. Also strong feminine influences but with two favourable against one unfavourable hopefully means that the negative is overpowered.


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