Reading 3 – Children 15 June 2016



Tarot Wizards’ Interpretation

1. Ac
3. Unused (Past)
4. Unused (past)
6. Ps
7. 10w
8. 2w
10. KnW
HIDDEN: Wheel of Fortune

[The HIDDEN position, I find by turning the deck over to see the bottom card. I see this position as representing an element in your life that is either coming into your life or living it or It  can also represent something that’s hidden from you.]

QUESTION: the 6 children and family.

The Ace of cups which I see as the symbol for the Holy Grail, starts out this reading, you could not ask for a better omen…
The hierophant the card of tradition has followed you through some of these readings… You have to decide whether it’s asking you to stick with tradition, or, to divert from it in some way.
The EMPEROR tells me, that you have children, who can be trained to be logically minded, to read sea charts blueprints…. some of them should be good at: algebra, calculus etcetera.
The Page of Swords suggests to me: the children should be taught such skills as fencing, ballet modern dance.
The ten wands, suggests to me, such Sports as: Javelin throwing weight lifting , and all children should be taught how to lift properly, so that they do not hurt their back in their later years.
The two wands suggest to me that your children will find in their environment, if you show them to your children, many opportunities for creativity.
THE HANGED MAN  suggests to me, sacrifices you will need to make on the one hand, and as an athletic activity: the parallel bars, and perhaps the trapeze.
It also implies suspension of disbelief; also: A delay in time or timing, or perhaps development. It also suggests the need to find the most enlightened, best teachers and tutors for your children. These teachers and tutors will be willing to make the necessary sacrifices in their own lives, to help your children on their path.
The Knight of wands,
Suggests to me: horseback riding,
Possibly horseback racing, Polo or any sport, such as Rodeo Sports barrel racing excetera.
However if Rodeo Sports are undertaken… first, get a good chiropractor…
In the next series of readings labeled A through F ( page 4), I will delve deeper into each individual child’s needs, from the eldest: letter A to the youngest: letter F. The lettering rather than the naming of the children is for your privacy, their privacy, and also, so I can  maintain the highest level of objectivity whilst reading your cards.
This reading was the General Children’s reading…. this constitutes page 3.
The Wheel of Fortune in the hidden position I interpret as meaning that yes your fortune can go up and down. But for the time being, it looks as if things will remain steady until the next big upturn in your fortunes. And those of your children.


SPREAD= Custom Modified  Celtic Cross…

LOCATION as expressed as: ONE QUARTER of the sphear of the EARTH: ☆Ps=Americas

{The location element, represents an area of the planet from which, that you may be receiving information, and/or  visitors from, or an area where you may travel…}

For future reference:
Where the the four pages point:
Pp= Europe-Africa
Pc= Pacific

Ace of cups equals one month from today.
Ten wands equals 10 weeks starting day after tomorrow.

Two wands equals two weeks from day after tomorrow.
I’m hoping that the timing elements will prompt you to look for classes and tutorials to enlist your children in, the clue is in the timing of all available classes and tutors those that match up with the timing maybe the ones that work out best for you and your children.

My Interpretation

Current Situation (Ace Cups) – as you said, can’t ask for a better start

Hidden Influence (Wheel of Fortunes) – their fortunes are changing now

Obstacles (Hierophant) – Traditional things that stand in the way, eg delay of processes, procedures etc

Immediate Future (Page of Sword) – Moving ahead as novices

Ultimate future (Emperor) – In controlling positions


Myself (10 Wands) – Carrying a lot of knowledge accumulated over a lifetime, to be imparted to the children, mountains towards something big and robust

How others see me/ external factors (2 Wands) – looking for new (business or non-business) frontiers, something based on knowledge

Fear (Hanged Man) – Delays, interestingly this position is the same as reading #2 on my businesses. Also the Hanged Man has appeared in all 3 readings

Outcome (Knight Wands) – More mature than the Page of Swords, the children move backed with knowledge – Surprisingly, this again is the same as reading #2


The obvious reading here is that the spread is dominated by wands and major arcana. Wands means that knowledge is important for them to move forward. It may mean technology, innovation, skills etc – that kind of areas. Major arcana reflects that the the major archetypes or players are in play in the Universe.


Again, as you mentioned for Reading #2, there is no Earth element in this reading, thus the need for more grounding.


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