The Wands




If the suits in tarot reflect the process of manifestation — bringing something into tangible reality — then Wands are the kicking off of that process.

Wands are more challenging to hold and to understand because they are intangible by nature. They can and do become tangible as we move through the suits, but they are different from the other suits in one key way: they are neutral. Wands energy is not concerned with how we feel, how we think, how we experience our reality because, in its purest form (embodied by the Ace of Wands), it precedes all three. Wands energy is simply there for the harnessing.

To get an idea of Wands energy, sit still for a moment. Now direct your mind towards getting up out of your chair, as if you’re just about to stand up. But don’t stand up. Can you feel the potential of what you were about to do? It’ll be situated in your gut — it is visceral. That is Wands energy. It has no particular opinion on anything; it is objectively available.

Source: Discovering the suits: The Wands in tarot

The Suit of Wands is representative of the element of Fire. The Suit of Wands Tarot card meanings are associated with primal energy, spirituality, inspiration, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition and expansion, original thought and the seeds through which life springs forth. Wands deal with the spiritual level of consciousness and mirror what is important to you at the core of your being. They address what makes us tick – our personalities, egos, enthusiasms, self-concepts, and personal energy, both internal and external.

Wands are also indicative of all things that you do during the day to keep you busy, be it working at the office, home or the great outdoors. Wands have to do with movement, action and initiatives and the launching of new ideas. They may be indicative of a never-ending ‘Ideas List’ or ‘To Do List’, whereby the client has many projects on the go to keep them busy.

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