Reading – Child B – 8 July 2016


Tarot Wizard’s Interpretation

“Child B”

Modified Celtic cross, looking forward only…

Here is what I see in the cards for child B:

First the timing elements:

The five Pentacles equals 5 years in the future starting the date of this reading.

8 cups equals 8 months in the future from the date of this reading. However, it is the least accurate timing element, being in the “above you” position.

Three swords is 3 days in the future starting day after tomorrow.

8 Pentacles equals 8 years in the future starting day after tomorrow.

Here is what else I see in the cards of Child “B”:

There is a SECRET out there possibly involving injury illness or health issues, or possibly poverty that is right in the center of this reading. It could also be the use of child B’s  psychic, or spiritual,  abilities or energies.

This child,  senses that there’s something missing in their life, and that’s why the eight cups comes up in the above you position.

It looks as if, the HIEROPHANT is there showing a more or less traditional path forward for this child; possibly in a spiritual position, but whatever it is, educational or metaphysical, it is definitely a traditional path.

The three swords tells me that this person has it in their self image, to be objective.

The king of Pentacles and the Queen of Wands as event, could be interpreted as: a business pathway possibly involving real estate.

There is also the possibility that this child could be trained in TCM that is “Traditional Chinese Medicine,  which would include acupuncture and the study of Chinese herbs.
This child could  be following a wounded healer path, that is, this child could be a D.O. an  MD, a chiropractor, or work in some other health related industry, possibly a Reiki energy worker, or some other psychic healer type.

Whatever skill sets this individual has they will need to work on them for a number of years, until they reach their highest level of perfection in those skill sets. A training period of at least eight years, is indicated, anywhere from 5 to 13 years, is what I’m seeing. This could involve going up the academic level from undergraduate degree to master’s degree to doctorate level.

This is all I’m seeing in the cards at this time for child B…

And  Additional Explanation From Tarot Wizard

Greetings, some of the things that I see in the cards involving child B, I believe are latent tendencies that could be developed.



I missed the mark a little bit, when it comes to child B’s employment. He is a CPA, and I saw him working somehow with real estate, Perhaps real estate is involved in some way?



To answer your question the five Pentacles crossed by the high priestess card often means a secret about injury illness or poverty…



To attempt to answer your question I went back and reviewed the reading for child B.



I noticed that paid 5 Pentacles was being crossed by the high priestess card, in other words The High Priestess card was meant to be of short duration involving the five tentacles. Another words there may be a relatively short window of time in which these two cards interact in this way. The injury illness and poverty may not be in the cards directly for child be, however, they may involve people who interact with child be, or our pro-bono clients of Charles B, or form some part of the life of child be perhaps with him being generous to them.



The secret May well be that child be while functioning as a CPA, could also be taking training to reactivate his Reki Energies, in order to help the class of people represented by the five Pentacles card…



I see continued study and work, for a child B, there does appear to be opportunities for this individual 2 pick up more skill sets, work on other skill sets, and provide themselves with a broader number of possibilities to serve Humanity and gain payment for doing so.



I did look at the clip a video for this individual, and it looks like a very nice family.



There are always possibilities for accidents or injury or even poverty to befall us all, however, I do not sense any individual incidences of negative things happening 2 Child B at this time.



Thank you for contacting me, so that I could clarify this, as a parent myself, I can see how those two cards right in the center of her being good look kind of scary. ..



The advice I would give to child be, is to find a way to further their lifelong learning goals, pick up whatever other certifications or degrees that they can while they are still fairly Young, and then seek to serve their own vision of their highest purpose 4 appearing on this planet at this time. Whatever they decide, I feel as if this individual is industrious and objective in their way of approaching their work.


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