Readings – Child A – 20 June 2016


Tarot Wizards’ Interpretations

20 June 2016 solstice
1. 9c
2. 2w
3. Unused
4. Unused
6. 2P
8. KP
9. 8s
10. 7s
[The HIDDEN position, I find by turning the deck over to see the bottom card. I see this position as representing an element in your life that is either coming into your life or living it or It  can also represent something that’s hidden from you.]

QUESTION: how can “Child A” be helped out in life?

This eldest “child A” who, may be very nearly An adult at this time…
What I’m seeing are doorways of opportunity opening, for creativity, in the Arts or business, …their wishes can come true…has, a sharp mind that can be trained for a Legal or Writing profession, or some other profession using a sharp mind, quick wittedness, and the ability to think on their feet.

The one warning I see in this reading: is to help this person, avoid deception in any form, deception of self, and/or deception of or by others, intentional or unintentional.
Also there is an issue where they cannot see what is right in front of them, perhaps you can help with this matter as well.

This person seems to have the ability to someday be a High Court Judge of some kind, or perhaps an official with a striped shirt, and a whistle around their neck. (At this point, the Tarot Wizard does not know how old the child is or the educational background).
Or even a combination of these vocations and hobbies or avocations…


SPREAD= custom Modified  Celtic Cross.

“Child A”  appears to be positioned to have their wishes fulfilled, and to be able to walk through a door-way of opportunity, involving either business, or a creative venture,
Possibly involving travel to Europe and or Africa.

Balance in many forms is indicated in this reading..

A mentor, teacher, or tutor, is indicated one who is much older older then “child A”, and one who is probably one of the three Earth signs, that is, a Taurus Virgo or Capricorn. Who is A very stable individual, with their own money. Or possibly a trainer in real estate or finances.

The two cards that could be interpreted as warning cards, are the seven and eight of swords, from this, we can see, there is a tricky situation, or some kind of deception going on; and there’s something that “Child A” is not seeing, even though it is right in front of them. Hopefully you will be able to sort through whatever deceptive energy is hovering around this person, and that you are able to show them exactly what is in front of them at this time. Something important enough to come up in the cards like this, is something important enough for a parent to address…

Overall I see that this child is intelligent enough and clever enough, to work in any one of several professions.



Your help in picking the right one, or ones, will probably be helpful…nowadays it might be a good idea to have more than one profession, up your sleeve….

TIMING: 9c= 9 months from todays date.
2w= two weeks from day of reading.
2p=two years starting day after the reading.
8s= eight days starting two days after the reading.
7s= seven days starting two days after the reading.

NOTE:You must connect your own timing dots,
I have shown you the timing dots, above,
You must work on applying them to “Child A’s” life, by relating them to the events in your life, and the life of:”Child A”

LOCATION as expressed as: ONE QUARTER of the sphear of the EARTH:☆Pp= Europe-Africa

{The location element, represents an area of the planet from which, you, OR “Child A” may be receiving information, and/or  visitors from, or an area where “Child A” may travel…}

For future reference:
Where the the four pages point:
☆Pp= Europe-Africa
Pc= Pacific Ocean

Do all you can to: Help “Child A” to reach their full potential, whether it be as a writer or a worker within the legal profession, or any other profession it looks as if, their wishes can come true.



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