What was the last thing you said to someone before they died?

Dedicated to all those Careless Mouths on account

I will never forget the last thing I said to my daughter before she died. I was tired after working, so I decided to lay down to watch the evening news. My daughter had just finished eating the dinner I cooked. She had Epilepsy and was experiencing frequent Gran Mal seizures, but every time I would call the paramedics, they would tell me just don’t let her hurt herself.

Any way, I told her to go lay in my bed and watch Friends, which was one of her favorite shows. She called out to me, “Mommy, Alice Cooper is on Friends.” I told her I was too tired to get up.

When I got up to see what she was watching a few minutes later, I found her dead. To this day, I will always regret not going in there when she told me that. My brother told me it was probably better that I wasn’t there when she had her final seizure.

The doctor swore to me she wouldn’t die from her seizures. I asked the coroner what caused her to die, and he told me heart failure due to the extreme nature and frequency of her seizures.

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