Theirs is a silent world to us, but is that because they are dumb or we are deaf?

It’ requires a shift in the way we think, but taking a position beyond the simplistic binary representation of data that powers our most complex thinking and communicating machines, and accepting a medium that we are not familiar with as a form of communication – chemicals – it has been demonstrated that plants do transmit information to one another and react to them. As 80% of a plant is what exists underground, there is a whole communication network down there (not to mention also above the ground) covering the entire planet, communicating in a medium capable of representing more sophisticated message contents than our binaries can. taking a step back into something more primordial and basic, fungi, as recyclers of wastes, rainmakers, nutrient mediators and much more beyond (health food that repairs our body, and why is that?) communicate through their vast network of mycelium.

Now here’s the punch – what if we can listen to these communications between plants, what are the things we can know, about the state of the earth, the dynamic events that are happening to it from moment to moment, how the herd behaviour of various organisms are affecting other inter-related parties – makes Big Data puny in contrast. Research have given us glimpses if not evidence that plants have intelligence, memories, takes actions. Compared on some work that I have done on precision planting, a friend has shown me how much more that we are missing in addressing rehabilitation, restoration and preservation opportunities. Fungi is near the base of the large organism kingdoms (as they are not plants), yet they are inter-related to our nature, thus they give off substances that modify our consciousness, heal our sickness, nourish our health. Asking why those relationships exist may yield profound answers instead of just accepting, why not? Is it like going back to the primordial base camp, closer to our architectural blueprints, and the Earth’s too? Connecting and working together with them may be the key to heal this ailing spaceship called Earth. Beyond disruptive technologies, this would be truly constructive in a vast new frontier.