What was the last thing you said to someone before they died?

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I will never forget the last thing I said to my daughter before she died. I was tired after working, so I decided to lay down to watch the evening news. My daughter had just finished eating the dinner I cooked. She had Epilepsy and was experiencing frequent Gran Mal seizures, but every time I would call the paramedics, they would tell me just don’t let her hurt herself.

Any way, I told her to go lay in my bed and watch Friends, which was one of her favorite shows. She called out to me, “Mommy, Alice Cooper is on Friends.” I told her I was too tired to get up.

When I got up to see what she was watching a few minutes later, I found her dead. To this day, I will always regret not going in there when she told me that. My brother told me it was probably better that I wasn’t there when she had her final seizure.

The doctor swore to me she wouldn’t die from her seizures. I asked the coroner what caused her to die, and he told me heart failure due to the extreme nature and frequency of her seizures.

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About Stones




Two men were walking down a dusty road. The elder looked down keenly to the ground as the younger one spoke of one thing then another.

Suddenly the elder man halted and put out a hand to silence the younger. His eyes were focused on something on the ground. He bent over and picked up a small bright piece of stone. The young man looked at the elder and said, “Hah! It’s just a piece of quartz!”

The elder man took out a mirror from his pocket and scratched it with the stone. “Diamond?” asked the younger. The elder smiled at him and gave the younger man the stone.

They were walking further down the road when suddenly the elder man stopped again. He was eyeing another piece of stone. This time, the younger man bent down to pick it first. He asked the elder for the mirror. “This time” he declared triumphantly, “it’s a quartz”. With that he stroke the stone against the mirror. No scratch.

The elder man took the stone from the younger and carefully placed it inside his wallet. Then he slid his wallet into his pocket.

The younger gave him a puzzled look.

“I was told to look for quartz, not diamond,” said the elder. And they continued their journey.