How To get Rid of Bed Bugs

A video

. Here we place lime leaves under the bed, or sun the bed outside at noon (when its not raining). Works excellently.

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Checklist On Initiating A New DotNetNuke Module Project

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What do you do when you have a request for a new DNN module? These are my recommended first actions to take:

  1. Get your basic DNN website running
  2. Make sure your DotNetNuke Visual Studio solution can compile correctly
  3. Create the Visual Studio directory framework for your new module
  4. Right-click on your Website directory and choose new DotNetNuke Dynamic Module
  5. Rename your App_Code and Desktop_Modules subdirectories
  6. More here (a pretty good tutorial for creating modules in C#)
  7. Create a basic test stub in your module. I recommend assessing a shared TEST table with some data in your DotNetNuke database. This forces you to
  8. Create a Data Access test stub
  9. Create a User Interface test stub
  10. Define the new module on your DotNetNuke Host/Module definitions page
  11. Run your test stubs in a page on your site

My recommendation is not to delay taking these steps even if you are busy. You are only ready to code when you have completed these steps properly. From my experience, when I delay taking these steps and the time to start coding creeps up on me, I find that sometimes I am taken by surprise that some of these things for the new modules do NOT work. Common problems, for some ghostly reason or another, are

  1. The database tables mismatch against the ones in the Data Access codes
  2. The DotNetNuke solution cannot be compiled (even though it used to be all okay!)
  3. The new module cannot be placed on a page

And then I wish I had taken these assurances well in time.


Central Asia Website

I remember watching a BBC TV Series and being enthralled by the hidden beauty of Central Asia and their people who live with a free spirit under the open skies and in the open fields. Today I came upon this website that I would like to share. A bit of news and politics but the occasional photographs are worth the visit.

What Would You Do If Your Mum Fails To Come Home?

I enjoy reading and participating on Yahoo! Answers because there are always some interesting questions and answers being posted. Many of these interesting questions/ answers demonstrate how differently we perceive the world that we live in, or how different are our own individual worlds although we live in the same one.

Here’s the most interesting question I’ve read this year. A fifteen year old girl and her brother are waiting at home for their mother. She had been gone for too long, which is unlike her, and she had not called home. The girl is anxious and does not know what to do. She turns to the Internet and Yahoo! Answers for help. Read her question.

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Microsoft SQL Server Error 3154

If, like me, you are used to restoring databases by right-clicking the database in your SQL Server Enterprise Manager and then selecting Tasks/Restore, it may get a bit sticky when you try to restore a different database over another database.

Problem: When you do the above, you get an Error 3154, even after you have chosen the WITH REPLACE option on the Restore/Options tab.

Solution: Do NOT attempt to restore the database by right-clicking on the particular database name over which you wish to restore, instead right click on the Databases node in SQL Server Enterprise Manager, then choose Tasks/Restore Database. On the General Tab, make sure you choose the name of the database you wish to restore over and on the options tab, choose the WITH REPLACE option.

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Quick Guide to Debugging and Deploying a Visual Studio 2008 Add-In

Here’s some Craft that I hope can save 30 minutes of your time trying to understand MSDN and/or searching around:

 The problem – You are creating a VS Add-In using the Add_in Wizard. The first time you debug it, it crashes (not very abnormal). The next time you try to debug it, it’s not listed on the Add-Ins list anymore.

 The solution – You need to "register" the add-in again. Before VS 2005, you do this by running regasm.exe. With and after VS 2005, you just need to take care of 2 files: your project’s .addin file and the .dll file.


  1. Ensure that an .addin (which contains a reference to the location of your addin .dll file) is in your VS addins folder (typically there is one such folder at My Documents\Visual Studio 2008\AddIns). Normally, this file is renamed as .addin_ (with an underscore) after a failed debugging of the addin (and if you answered ‘yes’ inadvertently to remove it from the addins list). If that is the case, you can simply remove the underscore from the name to get it working again.
  2. If that alone doesn’t work, open the .addin file (you can use a text editor since it is an xml file) and ensure that it is pointing in the right direction to your addin .dll file.

 Hope this cuts a lot of work for you!

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