Business Week Special Report on Social Networking


GBP Notes

Market talks the US Economy has consolidated aftermath of sub-prime housing loans meltdown and the USD has taken full discount. US govt is releasing 1st round of pump priming cheques and having found bottom is now poised to rebuild. Mood on US news is generally positive. Eyes now on Fed meeting Wed 1st May, rumouring announcement of last small interest cut and thereafter Feds to rest and observe. GBP retraced week’s loss (since 22nd) of 2 points last Friday 27th and currently circa 1.98.

Trends in Telecommunications

Managing The Telecommunications Industry
Good set of papers

Telecommunications Predictions
Industry trends by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Technology Media & Telecommunications Group

Telecommunications Equipment Industry Trends and Outlook
Online reports at website on business valuations

Telecommunications Industry Association

  • Inadequate capacity (with high and advanced internet usage)
  • Broadband consumption (dominated by PCs) shifting to mobile and on-line game devices
  • Mobile television foothold not yet firm for now
  • Majority usage exchange small data packets (SMS and ringtones) not large single downloads
  • US recession lead to economic downturn in telecommunications industry (eg delayed instrument upgrades)
  • Soon to arrive economical cell phones (USD 10 each)
  • Mobile network sharing by market players to increase indoor coverage
  • Implementing equal access to variety of mobile services to all levels of society remains an ideal
  • Inverse relationship between growth in bandwidth and revenues
  • Is GSM too old at 21 years?

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