Earth Hour 29th March 2009

What to do during Earth Hour

Enjoy the darkness



Unable to compile DotNetNuke 3.9 IFrames module

You may wish to fully qualify all references to DataProvider in the Iframes module to DotNetNuke.Modules.IFrame.Data.DataProvider

These are unlike references to DataProvider in the other modules which refer to DotNetNuke.Data.DataProvider (in DNN 3.9 you may wish to fully qualify them as well for a successful compile).

You should successfully compile your DNN 3.9 website after making these changes:

Adding non-VB modules to DNN

Problem: I had this error compiling my DotNetNuke 3.9 website – The file ‘x’ and ‘y’ use a different language, which is not allowed since they need to be compiled together.

Solution: Here are instructions on how to add modules in non-VB languages to a DotNetNuke website, from the LinqThings4Sale tutorial

1. In the web.config file, add the line

<add directoryName="yourDirectoryName" /> to the section <codeSubDirectories>.

For example, the section in my web.config file looks like this

<!– register your app_code subfolders to generate granular assemblies during compilation –>
        <add directoryName="LinqThings4Sale"/>
        <add directoryName="Template"/>
        <add directoryName="KLIMS"/>
        <add directoryName="CommonEntities"/>
        <add directoryName="Employment"/>

2. Then, refresh your App_Code folder. The folders added to the above section should now have changed folder icons to reflect that they are special folders.

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Where All failed, My Twin Anthony Succeeded

I can’t remember the last time I read a story that touched me profoundly. I’ve seen touching movies, listened to touching songs, seen a few touching photographs lately (I was keen in photo-journalism as a student) and I’ve met people whose life stories are profoundly touching, but I can’t remember the last time I read anything really touching. Not even a poem or a haiku.

Today, I read this story on I don’t know whether it is a true story or not. It is so touching that I can only hope it is not true. The shock and the hope that comes with it reverberates and lingers on like the chimes of a big bell long after I’ve read the story. I hope it’s not true.

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In Search of The Wildflower

Some of photos here are so ethereal (like the one below) that one is reminded that despite the mundane life we lead, the existence of this universe is still a magical phenomena

Written in poetic prose and filled with an innocent spirit of awe and adventure, In Search of The Wildflower is an inspiring and refreshing blog to read. I would like to share it’s goodness with you.

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