The Tree of Life Spread

The Qabbalah Tree of Life Spread, which uses 10 cards selected by the Questioner himself, delves deep into one’s own nature, revealing everything about one’s past, present and future. It factors in the Questioner’s Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual aspects as well as accounts for the Questioner’s family, home and other responsibilities.

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The positions relate to the following aspects as follows

  1. Kether – The Crown – The Questioner’s present situation
  2. Chokmah – Wisdom – Basic emotions, feelings and intuition
  3. Binnah – Understanding – Practicality and rationality
  4. Chesed – Mercy – Natural ability and common sense
  5. Gevurah – Severity – Learning skills and capacity
  6. Tiffaret – Balance – How we tackle our emotions
  7. Netzah – Victory – The destiny we choose
  8. Hod – Splendour – Energy level
  9. Yesod – Foundation – Sexuality and sensuality
  10. Malkuth – Kingdom –  Basic nature

References reveal the subtleties of meanings in these positions

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