The Mercurians

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The Mercurians are fine writers and shrewd business men, achieving the greatest success in both lines.”

The Mercurian is the quickest and most active of all the types, and this activity is not confined to his physical agility but applies to the mental as well. He is like a flash in his intuitive faculty, and enjoys everything which puts his quickness to either a mental or physical test.

He is the personification of grace in his movements and is skilful in everything he undertakes. In all games he is proficient, and he plays with his head as well as his hands, winning because he plans his plays, and shrewdly estimates the ability of his opponent. In all athletic sports where dexterity and skill, rather than brute strength are needed, he is the victor.

In argument he is at home, for no one has greater facility of expression than he. This, added to the quickness with which he can grasp and turn an opportunity to his account, brings him out ahead, if his side of the question has even a semblance of probability. He is especially fond of oratory, and eloquence in any line strongly moves him.

With his keenness and the power of expressing himself well, he is very tactful and adroit, thus making many friends by saying the right thing at the right time.

As an after-dinner speaker he is a success, and in a battle of words or badinage is an opponent hard to overcome.

He is not lazy; one of his prime elements is industry, consequently he loses no opportunities through napping but turns every hour to account.

The Mercurian, on his good side, is not vicious and criminal, he is only shrewd and keen. He is even tempered, loves children dearly, is devoted to his family and makes a constant friend. He is not in any degree a sensualist. His pleasures are largely mental and, while he is fond of beauty and women, he is not an amorous type.

He is nervous and restless, his mind is active and he likes to travel, for changing scenery gives him the recreation and diversity that he needs. He is fond of nature, which appeals to him more strongly than anything artificial.”

From the book “
The Laws Of Scientific Hand Reading“, by William G. Benham. Read more: